Teaching farm


Teaching farm/ Farm school, Active Nature

vaca One, two, three or five days program in our farm.

vaca 24h assistance, liability insurance.

vaca Expert advice to adapt activities your needs.

vaca Multiple workshops to choose from.

vaca Homemade food prepared in our kitchen.

vaca granja escuelaPossibility of activities in English or German.

The Farm School where we are located, it is an educative centre with more than twenty years of existence, which accredits a formative experience in the environmental education field. The Farm School lands are occupied mostly by a forest of oaks. Actually, there are some hectares dedicated to cereal, a small vineyard, an olive grove, an orchard, meadows for cattle and a lot of ground and space to carry out activities with children.

Discover our animals up close ... Seeing them so close will be an unforgettable experience

We have many animals: cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, horses, ponies, donkey, chinchillas, degus, African hedgehog, ferrets, guinea pigs, foxes, peacocks, ostriches and poultry park with over 20 species, among other birds of prey such as owls, harris, red-tailed eagle, kestrel, owl and tawny owl. All our animals are bred in captivity.

A day visit to the farm

Arrival of our friends and organizing groups.


Visit the farm animals
10.30 a 11.45
Riding workshop
11.45 a 12.45
12.45 a 13.30
Workshop one to choose (bread, palm trees, bags, …)
13.30 a 14.30
The garden and greenhouse
14.30 a 15.30
Farewell and departure to School
15.45 a 16.00

Description of a day at the farm for stays

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