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We have spent several years helping Spainish children to find a German or English speaking family for a total immersion in the German or English language. Through our relationships in Germany, we contact families that are willing to accept Spanish children between 11 and 17 years over a period of two to four weeks, based on paying guest.

In Germany, according to the Land in which the stay takes place (Eg. Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria) the Spanish child have the opportunity to go to the school where the children of the host family study. The Germans state schools admit Spanish children at no cost, after the necessary formalities.
Apart from the obligation to attend classes at school (except holiday period in Germany) the Spanish child spend time with the family while adapting to the customs of the country.
The host family receives an amount of money every week from the Spanish family, without intermediaries.
The Homestay is a low cost option to send your children abroad and to practice the language.

Intercambio Homestay

VORWAERTS organizes the program taking over:

Search all the necessary information about the German families.


Exchange of letters for the Spanish child with the child of the German family.


Contacting both families by solving the language barrier.


Coordination of dates, travel and other arrangements.


Monitoring the proper conduct of the stay.


Contact the school in case you want your son/daughter participate in school classes.

Intercambio/Homestay Alemania
Intercambio/Homestay en Inglaterra
Intercambio/Homestay Vorwaerts

This amount includes:

  • The room (usually single).
  • Full support.
  • Pick up and take the child to the airport.
  • Take to the school in the morning and pick the child up – except in school holidays in Germany.
  • Family activities, for instance, the Spanish child is integrated and considered as one of the family.

The child will adapt as much as possible to the country customs, he/she will learn their way of life and language.

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These Homestay can also be performed in English-speaking countries.


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