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Yes. The call service hours are every day between 2:45 p.m. and  3.45 p.m. This is the time for making calls and rest time. Children can bring their own mobile phone to the camp or contact their family through our phones. Children who carry their own mobile phone to the camp, they should ask for it to the counselors after lunch. The counselor gives them their mobile phones. It is prohibited the possession of mobile phones within the hostel, and we only let the kids be with mobiles outside the hostel. Once they have finished talking, children must hand over the mobile to counselor, at the latest at 3:45 p.m., in order to begin activities at 4.00 p.m. Children who do not have one, they can call their parents through the available Vorwaerts mobiles. These phones  634189402, 656874361, 622094756 will be shared between all children who do not have a mobile, so we ask for your patience if the numbers are busy.

Medications and allergies

It is important that you indicate us in the form the correct information about your children. While the check in at the arrival, we will ask to the parents if we have the correctly medical information and if the child takes any medication. The medication will be save it in the counselors’ room and the medicines will be given medicine at the indicated times in the form. We always keep the medications in the counselors room, to avoid uncontrolled medicarions in the children’s wardrobe. Therefore we confirm this information with the parents.

Electronic devices

Children do not need any kind of electronic devices and is not allowed to use them during the camp.

Contact numbers

We are 24h available to give any information required or to solve any questions:  913077437, 622094756, 656874361

Information during camp

During the camp they are to upload photos and information on the news blog Vorwaerts page. www.vorwaerts.es

Visits - Parents Day

We do not have an official parents day as there are some parents that might not come because work, distance or other circumstances. For children that stay a fortnight, it is possible to visit the children at noon on Saturday from 1.00 p.m. which is the departure time for children who stay a week.

Money Bank

The kids do not really need to buy anything, they have everything, but maybe in the afternoon excursion or if the sweet kiosk opens they can buy. It will not be allowed to buy sweets at noon, only some afternoons during the week. We have created the “Bank Vorwärts” to avoid unexpected losses, in which we will save money for all children and they can go to the bank to take their money in the opening days.

Sport equipment

We provide all the necessary material for the different activities. If a child wants to bring their own material to camp they can do it, but it must be responsible.


There is possibility of using the laundry service. This service is external and is outsourced. Interested families should ask this service and specify the day to send all the clothes to the laundry.

Health Cards

It is compulsory to bring the original health cards to the camp. We collect the cards during the check with the child’s form so it does not get lost. We will give out the cards at the end of the camp so they can put it inside the suitcase.

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