Extracurricular Activities


The theater workshop focuses on the basic aspects of a child’s life, such as social and emotional development and cognitive and motor learning. The objectives are designed for Primary Education students, aged between 6 and 12 years old.

The workshop does not focus on trying that the child becomes an actor, but to learn playing. Throughout the game the child will know the theater world and he/she will have basic tools for the future, if the child decides to delve into the fascinating world of acting.

To enjoy the theater it is not necessary that the child has an innate talent, if the child just want to have fun, make friends, and participate in group, play and invent situations and stories. With all this, we will stimulate both the imagination and creativity of children, something that is important nowadays, due to modern toys do not give this chance.

What are the objectives of the activity?

Specific objectives

To develop body language.
To develop verbal expression.
To develop creativity.
To assess the individual and team work and perseverance.
To promote the relationship with the partner.
To build self-confidence.
To learn values.

General objectives

To help children to acquire a full of values and solid basis through games.
To get the kids to connect with their own sensitivity and reflection, in order to have different views of the world and life


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