Animalia consists of activities and workshops related to nature, animals and the environment; which objective is to put animals closer to the children, so they can know more about them. We do different educational and recreational activities in order to learn about the environmen and animals, to care, respect and love them.

We go with animals where you are. Children will learn about different animals, they can interact with them, touch them and discover a new world practicing the foreign language.


We adapt the activities to the group ages and to the type of event


Flexibility. We adapt to your needs and to the activity objectives. From 1 hour to full day.


Your school facilities, our camp or a center. We move with the animals where you are, in order to avoid that children have to travel.

What are the Animalia objectives?


To show the different types of animals and values to children in a simple and funy way.


To respect animals as living beings and appreciate their importance in the ecosystem.


To promote coexistence between animals and people as responsible of the environment


To know the characteristics of different kinds of animals (habitat, feeding, breeding ...)


To discover the contributions that animals make for humans, as a fundamental part of our ecosystem


And above all, that children have fun, play, experiment with their surroundings, express, believe, and feel free in a fun and participatory environment.

How are the activities?

tic-okThe sessions are divided into: educational explanations, games, interaction with animals and workshops. The activities are carried out in Spanish, English and German.


tic-okWe adapt to the children ages and we develop content according to their age, such as storytelling or educational presentations with animals and booklets.


tic-okWorkshops are related to the environment, for example: workshop tracks and trails, gardening, making handicrafts, bookmarks, candles, photo frames, etc. The type of workshop depends on the age.


tic-okChildren can touch and interact with the animals.


We take our animals wherever you are: your school, celebration, camp ...

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Wild Fauna

In wildlife, children can see, touch and interact with our wild animals (birds of prey, small mammals, reptiles), so they can see how they behave and with all security measures, so that they can learn about their biology, habitat and behavior.

All animals are trained so that children can touch them and interact with them. Our goal is not to make an exhibition, but to encourage children to interact and enjoy the animals.

We take our animals wherever you are: your school, celebration, camp …

Mobile/Moving Farm

In the Mobile Farm,we emphasise on the responsible pet ownership; therefore, you know several things, for instance, their basic care, before buying an animal. We also make aware children, in order to reduce the excessive abandonment of domestic and exotic animals .

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