End-of-year trip


End-of-year trip

Vorwaerts organizes end-of-year trips for schools, where we do adventure, sport and many other activities where the fun is assured.

We adapt our programs to the needs and preferences of each group, contact us for more information.

The end-of-year trips take place in the heart of the Guadarrama mountain range, surrounded by vegetation, water, and equipped with modern facilities. We have an unique and beautiful country state with more than 14 hectares, so you are always in contact with nature and an environment steeped in rich history. We have all kinds of adventure activities, a large natural lake, swimming pool and all kinds of sports facilities.

The hostel has 13 rooms, 8 persons, with bathroom and multipurpose rooms, an adapted room for a disabled person, own kitchen with a home-cooked and varied menu.

Undoubtedly a great place to have a great time with peers and enjoy the end-of-year trip.

Why choose us?

Get the most out of the trip

Adventure, sport and much more

Personalized programs

We adapt the program to your preferences


We have qualified counselors 24 hours

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What activities are carried out?

Naturaleza, deportes, talleres y manualidades
  • Padel, tennis

  • Swimming pool

  • Kayak
  • Team sports: football, basketball

  • Archery and kites

  • Climbing, zip lines and rope park

  • Games and gymkhanas

  • Hiking and guidance

  • Horse Riding

  • Bivouac

  • Activities alive animals and flights of birds of prey.

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What is included in the program?
  • Hostel accommodation

  • Full board 5 meals

  • Program activities and materials

  • 10/12 1 monitor each student

  • Qualified instructors

  • Monitors bilingual and native

  • Coordinator 24h

  • Please contact parents and 24h

  • RC and Accident Insurance

  • Excursions

  • Multi-activity adventure rope park

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