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Who we are and what do we offer?

Vorwaerts is a company with German origins . We have been organizing activities for children and youth in German and English for over 15 years, so children learn languages in a fun way without barriers. More than 15 years of experiance and there are already many who have trusted us .


We are official partners of the German School in Madrid, and also work with other schools and institutions in organizing camps , travel Prom , linguistic and after-school stays .

Inmersiones lingüísticas

Au-pair and language Assistant stays


Exchange programs and homestay in Germany


Summer camps


Camps, language immersion, and teaching farm/farm school


German extracurricular lessons

Which are the Vorwaerts objectives?

tic-okVorwaerts programs are designed by professionals, which main aim is to offer the best experience to learn other languages through leisure, cultural and nature activities.

The objectives of our activities aretic-okfocus on helping children to develop and learn the contents of the workshops, improve their language communication, and help them to lose their shame and increase their self-esteem when speaking a foreign language.

tic-okIn addition, another of our goals is to teach values following the Preventive System of St. John Bosco. This pedagogical system consist in being peers, learning to work together, helping and respecting our partners and always being responsible for our actions.

Inmersiones lingüísticas
Inmersiones lingüísticas
Inmersiones lingüísticas


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